Unless a homeowner experiences major noticeable damage to their roof after an intense storm, they rarely know that there is a problem that requires a full roof replacement, that is until the water comes leaking into their house! Replacing the entire roof system can be a difficult decision, especially when considering the cost. Typically, homeowners
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Like any other major purchase in a homeowner’s life, it is important to shop around when buying a new roof. Like most big-ticket items, cheaper is not always better. It is important to analyze every product description and details along with their warranties, and the need for maintenance and repair costs in the future.
When a roof is designed with proper ventilation, air has the ability to circulate through the attic during every type of climate condition, even the hot and humid conditions we live with here in south Louisiana. Homes that are poorly ventilated will have an increased level of moisture trapped underneath the roof system, and without
For many people, their roof is something they don’t think about until they see water leaking through the house, or a hurricane passes and leaves tree limbs and debris on tops of the house.  Then people often start to think about having a professional check the roof. However, roof issues occur before leaks and storms,
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What Causes a Leaky Roof?

One of the worst nightmares faced by any home or commercial building owner is the problem of a leaky roof. A leak in the roof often goes unnoticed until a large amount of costly damage has already occurred. Water is able to leak into the roof, not only causing damage to the roofing materials, but
When most people think of dangerous storms, they immediately think of tornados and hurricanes, but even a severe thunderstorm can cause serious damage. Remember, whatever Mother Nature dishes out, your roof winds up taking the brunt of it! Don’t underestimate the impact that storms, hail and severe weather can have on your roof. Storms &
Unfortunately for those of us who live in metro New Orleans, dealing with storms and hurricanes are simply part of life. If your roof has been damaged by a severe storm, you are understandably eager to have repairs completed in order to protect your home. However, before you call the first person you see working
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Dealing with Roof Blisters

When a roof begins to blister, it may not be providing your building with the protection that you need or expect. Some blisters are expected to occur as the roof ages and is exposed to heat and other elements over long periods of time. Once the blisters begin to build up and worsen, you will
When summer rolls around to the Big Easy – locals know what to do. Find some shade, a swimming pool, or maybe just your favorite watering hole…anywhere with air conditioning will do to escape the heat. But your roof doesn’t have this luxury, and must stand up to the brutal sun and heat no matter