Flat roofs are among the most common ones for commercial buildings, and when properly installed, they can last for over a decade with only minor repairs needed. But how can you tell what’s a minor issue, and what’s an issue that will threaten the integrity of the whole roof? Here’s what to look for during
Here in New Orleans, we know a few things are true. First, Mardi Gras is everything. Second, it’s always a great day when the Saints win. And third, it can be bright and sunny one minute, and pouring down rain the next. Many New Orleans homeowners and commercial building owners assume that because their roof
Your roof may be one of the last places you think about when considering where you’d like to invest in your home or business. It makes sense. They do all the hard work quietly in the background without asking for much attention. Of course, until they do. Then, you’ve got BIG problems. Big, expensive problems.
Whether you’re in the process of designing and constructing a new commercial building, or you are making renovations to an existing building, roofing needs to be a serious consideration. The materials and method you choose for your roofing won’t just affect your construction budget. They’ll also affect your building’s maintenance budget, and they may affect

Take New Trends but Keep the Old

View Gallery Historic properties tend to have a lot of issues, but the biggest of them often relates to basic materials failing. Hand hewn beams, glass and wrought iron aging and giving out, and even protected materials like tile and plasterboard may fail after a hundred years or more. Yet, though they are built in
Rooftops with terrace-style, walkable decks are an architectural innovation and treasure for those who inhabit homes and properties with them. Yet, they also pose tremendous challenges since it is the roof that must withstand weather, wind, and incorporate less esthetically appealing elements such as drainage and traditional chimneys. So, the property at 7 Miller Lane
When it comes to cooling your Louisiana home, chances are good you first think of your HVAC system. That’s natural. It’s what most of us rely on to ensure that high daytime temperatures don’t translate to uncomfortable, even dangerous heat levels within our homes. However, what if there was another way to reduce heat, while

The Urban Heat Island Effect

Chances are good that you have at least heard of the term, “urban heat island”. It applies to just about all urban areas but is particularly applicable in cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, where human activities, building density, and a naturally hot and humid environment combine to create serious problems. According to the

Condo Roofing New Orleans

Should I fix or replace my roof? It’s an age old question that every owner of a commercial building will eventually have to ask. If your commercial roofing is done correctly, it can last you up to 20 years. However, if it’s not done correctly, you could be facing repairs very quickly. In fact, sometimes