About Us – Juneau Odenwald, Inc.

We are a quality firm that takes pride in our work. We are a favorite of many of the local general contractors in the city for our dedication and team based approached on all our projects. We have an excellent reputation, develop relationships with our clients and rely on repeat customer base. We are even often called in by many of the top architect firms on the front end of projects to assist with detailing and system selection.

When there is a problem to be worked out, we are there to help the team work out any issues under the premises that we will all be working together again.

We are considered a “non-change order” company as we are not the type of firm that “nickels and dimes” the contractor or architect over small errors in the construction document. We are the type of firm that only ask to be treated fairly and paid in a reasonable time frame.

If you have had issues with roofers in the past, I can assure you that our firm would be a refreshing change for you. We are management heavy allowing us to complete projects efficiently and in the scheduled time frame, all of our roofers and mangers are the most experienced in the state.

Why Choose Juneau Odenwald?


There is no better way to judge future performance than by past success. Our long list of successful projects and satisfied customers testifies to their ability to perform.


In business since 1996 with over 40 employees, Juneau Odenwald has invested in equipment and infrastructure to handle the biggest jobs. Juneau owns a 6,000 square foot custom sheet-metal fabrication facility with computer assisted equipment. We also own our own disposal trucks, containers, and crane and lifting equipment.


Juneau Odenwald invests in its employees too. By partnering with the some of the largest and best known roof manufacturers, Juneau’s employees are continuously trained on each product and its applications.