Top Seven Mistakes When Buying a New Roof

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Like any other major purchase in a homeowner’s life, it is important to shop around when buying a new roof. Like most big-ticket items, cheaper is not always better. It is important to analyze every product description and details along with their warranties, and the need for maintenance and repair costs in the future.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most common mistakes that homeowners make when buying a new roof, these include:

  • Not Shopping Around – There are many factors that can determine the price of installing or repairing a roof. This can include the location of the home, its size, and the number of stories of the structure. Quality is not always determined by the cost alone. Hiring licensed, professional roofing contractors should be a heavy component in making the decision. By shopping around, it will be easy to determine which company is offering the best work at the best price.


  • Making the Wrong Selection – Just because a company is quick to respond and can begin the project right away, it might not be the wisest choice. It is better to make the selection based on the number of years that the installer has been in the roofing business, along with their proven safety record and references. The company will have to be licensed, insured and bonded in the community. The contractor should provide workers’ compensation certificates on every employee, along with his or her company’s liability coverage.


  • Liking the Salesperson – No one should ever buy anything simply because they like the salesperson. He or she will not be the one that is performing the work.


  • Too Good to Be True – Like everything in life, if the price or deal seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. Receiving two or three quotes from various companies will provide a better understanding of exactly how much a new roof will cost.


  • An Impressive Warranty – Using quality materials is only half of the system. The other half is the quality of workmanship that was used during the installation process. It is important to understand that every warranty that is provided by the contractor will cover the workmanship and materials. By understanding in detail the inclusiveness of the warranty on both the materials and the workmanship, the homeowner can make a more informed decision when selecting the best contractor and materials for the job.


  • No Staff in the Office – Most reputable contracting companies that perform roofing work will have a staff in the office to handle any billing questions, scheduling, and other business. While there are many fine two-man companies, larger jobs require large crews and office staff.


  • Doing It Yourself – Doing an enormous project by yourself, or having a friend do it for you is often a mistake, especially when working a great distance off the ground. Installing a roof without the experience, and license, usually invalidates the roofing material warranty. Always rely on a professional company to do a roofing job.

Like any big-ticket item, it is important to make the right decision before making the purchase. By avoiding the top mistakes, homeowners can make a better-informed decision to ensure they are selecting the right contractor, under the right conditions, to do the job.