Slate Roofing from Juneau Odenwald

Add Longevity to any New Orleans Home or Office

Few things say “New Orleans” like a beautiful slate roof!

The rich history of slate roofing tile is a testament to its longevity as a quality roofing material for homeowners and business owners in the New Orleans area. When properly installed, a decorative traditional slate roof can last well over 100 years with virtually no maintenance. Alternatively, an expensive slate roof can quickly become a disaster if the installer did not take proper care when installing flashing and overlapping.

Juneau Odenwald Roofing is based in New Orleans, and installs and repairs slate roofing throughout metro New Orleans. Call today for a free estimate.

Different Styles and Shapes

Slate roofing material is offered in different styles including a standard pattern, where every piece is the same width and length. Additionally, they can also be sourced as a random width style, where the lengths are the same size, but the widths vary.

Some architects call for a staggered butt style where the bottom edge that is exposed is staggered. Other less popular but still very aesthetically pleasing styles include ragged butt, textural, graduated, mixed shapes, patterns, inscriptions and mixed colors.

There are significant upsides to having a slate roof installed by a reputable New Orleans roofing contracting company such as Juneau Odenwald Roofing. These upsides include:


As a natural strong product, slate roofing material is beautiful, and unique. Many homeowners and business owners are highly attracted to the decorative quality of slate due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. It offers a style of class and elegance that is hard to match using other roofing materials. The beauty of slate can be installed to match nearly any type of architectural design. Slate is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, along with a huge array of colors that includes red, black, green, purple and gray, along with mottled varieties that have a blend of beautiful colors.


When slate roofing material is properly installed by a reputable New Orleans roofer, it can conservatively last for a few generations. In fact, a reasonable expectation of the longevity of a slate roof when properly installed can be 150 years or longer. That is a huge advantage over traditional roofing materials that are warrantied to last 20 to 25 years.

Resistance to Fire

One of the main reasons that slate roofs have been used for centuries is because the material is highly resistant to fires. Each slate tile is completely fireproof, which minimizes the potential of starting a home or office fire from airborne sparks as a result of an adjacent house fire, fireworks, wildfires, or any other fire activity in the New Orleans area.

Friendly for the Environment

Studies indicate that out of the total amount of waste sent to the landfill, more than 5% is old roofing materials. However, slate roofing tiles are actually 100% recyclable, making them very friendly for the environment.

Proper Installation Is Required

The need for proper installation cannot be overstated. Poor installation of a slate system can be devastating to the structure it is attempting to protect.

One of the primary reasons is that a slate roofing system can be far heavier than other available choices. Roofing material is often measured in squares (100 ft.²). A roofing system made of slate often ranges between 800 pounds and 1,500 pounds per square.

Although there is a large initial investment during the installation process as compared to other conventional roofing materials, its longevity pays for itself in the decades ahead. Consider hiring a reputable New Orleans contractor, like Juneau Odenwald Roofing to fully evaluate the current roofing system, and let us install the new slate roof.