A hurricane or other strong storm can do excessive damage to the roof of your house. That is why it is important to carry out both pre-storm and post-storm checks. Both high speed winds and significant rainfall have implications on the safety and structure of your building and can cause leaks. Leaks can, in turn,

The Importance of Roof Flashing

When a roof leaks, one of the first spots most roofers look at is around the flashing. This is because of the amount of water that runs by it. Poor flashing quality, or ill-fitted flashing can be a disaster waiting to happen. If you hire an experienced roofer, they will take the time to make
More than likely, your business elected to go with the roofing solution that it has in order to keep its utility costs down. Such roofing solutions offer a wide variety of benefits, like UV-light resistance, which can serve to keep your business cooler than it otherwise might be during the hot summer months. In addition
The truth is you might not think about your commercial roof very often, after all it’s not exactly the face of your business. But, you should. In fact, it’s generally recommended that you get your commercial roof inspected at least twice every year. Of course, since we live in South Louisiana where the elements such
So you made it through the storm? That’s great news! Now, it’s time to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape, and the first place that you should start is with your roof. Your roof takes more abuse than any other part of your building – and this is especially true during a severe
Have you seen a water stain on your ceiling? Read why you can’t afford to ignore it before the damage gets worse. Many people have a false sense of security when we here in metro New Orleans dodge another hurricane or tropical storm. But the fact is, even your mundane thunderstorms do not have to
Find out why a professional roof inspection is well worth the money and recommended by insurance companies twice a year. Everyone wants a solid roof over their head, but do you know for certain that you have one? Or if you are buying a new house or commercial building, are you sure that the roof