TPO Single Ply Roofing

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We Install TPO Roof Systems on Commercial Buildings in Metro New Orleans.

Are you looking for an energy efficient roofing system for your home or commercial building in Louisiana? Do you want to add a modern touch to your structure, without busting the budget?

We install TPO roofing systems on commercial buildings in metro New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Contact us for a free estimate.

There’s a reason everyone in the industry is so high on TPO roofing. This single ply membrane roofing system is gaining traction throughout the South, and there are several good reasons why.

Why Choose Single Ply TPO?

TPO roofs, which is short for thermoplastic olefin, offer many benefits over its main competitors - EPDM and PVC roofs - including:

  • Cost Effective - In general, TPO roofs cost less than EPDM and PVC roofs. How’s that for a benefit?
  • Energy Efficient - TPO roofs are just as UV and heat resistant as EPDM, and just as heat weldable with PVC, meaning you don’t sacrifice any energy efficiency performance for their lower cost. High performance for a lesser cost? What a deal!
  • Available in Three Colors - Choose from white, light grey or black to best accent your home or commercial building. With these color choices, TPO roofs can match any structure!
  • Strong and Durable - Testing shows that TPO roofs can resist mold, dirt accumulation, tears and punctures. A clean, strong roof - now that’s what your home or commercial building really needs.
  • Easy Installation - TPO roofs are lighter and made of wider sheets, meaning they are easier to install as fewer seams need to be created. Quick and easy installation means you get your new roof sooner than ever before.
  • Fewer Installation Costs - Easy installation makes a direct impact in your wallet as installation costs for TPO roofs are lower than their alternatives. A great roof that saves money? What more could you ask for?

What Exactly Are TPO Roofs?

While TPO roofs are becoming more and more popular for Louisiana homeowners and commercial building owners, the material isn’t exactly brand new. TPO was first introduced in the 1990s, giving it 20+ years of time-tested performance, so you can trust the product as your roofing material.

TPO is a single ply roofing system. It consists of a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, which is composed of the following three layers:

  • TPO Polymer Base
  • Polyester-Reinforced Fabric Center
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin Compounded by Top Ply
The TPO manufacturing process utilizes a variety of filler types, including:

  • Talc
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Wollastonite
  • Metal Oxy Sulfate

Additionally, rubber types frequently used in TPO manufacturing include ethylene-propylene rubber and EPDM.

While these descriptions may seem like roofing industry jargon to you, trust us, it means that TPO roofs are strong, built to last, energy efficient and cost effective!

What Does a TPO Roof Look Like?

TPO roofing systems are flat with very few seams. They are hard and smooth to the touch. With clean lines and very few angles, they add a modern touch to any home or business. And, since they are available in white, light grey and black, they can compliment any structure.

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