Your Commercial Roof’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

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The wintertime is always unpredictable, especially in our area, and just when you think it’s going to be an easy one, you may find that it was much more trying than the year before. A breath of fresh air is on the way as spring often comes quickly and hides right around the corner.


Before the hot summer months settle in and before those all-too-common tropical storms drip on your roof, it is important for you to get outside and prepare your commercial roof for the coming season. You should perform maintenance and checks to your roof at least twice per year.

Start with the Gutters

One of the first places you want to check is the gutters. Although the task seems easy enough, you need to be careful as it can be much more trying and difficult than you thought. Whether you have a large or even a small problem with your gutters, it is best that you speak with a professional to have the problem fixed and to prevent injuries to you or any of your employees.

A clogged gutter is a serious problem that can lead to even more problems when spring and summer roll around. During the wintertime, gutters that are clogged can lead to a buildup of debris and even lead to ice dams, which although uncommon in our area are another safety risk. Regardless of winter conditions, during the springtime a gutter that is clogged will overflow water and when it is not handled correctly, the water can back up into your building.

To clean the gutters yourself, you will want to start by removing any debris caught in them. Once you know the gutter is completely cleared out, you can flush it with a water hose. If you are still unhappy with your gutters or you cannot clean them yourself, call your local roofing contractor to help.

Inspect Your Entire Roof

Now it is time for you to start checking the roof itself. You will want to note any wear that has occurred or any areas of concern. If any of the shingles are loose or you notice a board is broken or that a soft spot has developed, it is important to note this. You should also check for mold and algae on your roof as this can lead to future problems.

After you have looked at the roof, inspect the fascia and soffit to ensure it is intact and not falling apart. If it is, then you need to contact your local roofing contractor to get it fixed right away.

Once you are done outside, you will need to inspect your roof from the inside and look for any signs of staining. A single ceiling stain can typically be repaired quickly without any further damage, but multiple ceiling stains can mean a serious problem. Of course, if you notice that your roof is actively leaking, call your local roofing contractor immediately as the buildup of water in your roof can lead to more problems than just the roof itself.

Now that you have had a chance to clean the gutters and inspect the roof from the inside out with no issues located, you will be able to enjoy all of the seasons of the year without worry.

As a general rule, before you enter into a new season that can damage the roof like spring or winter, do a quick inspection. If you find any problems with your roof or you are not confident you can safely inspect your roof for any reason, call JOI Roofing to come out and do the job for you. With their years of commercial experience, they can quickly make the necessary repairs to ensure the safety of your roof in this season or the next.