Why a Professional Roof Inspection is Worth the Money

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Find out why a professional roof inspection is well worth the money and recommended by insurance companies twice a year.

Everyone wants a solid roof over their head, but do you know for certain that you have one? Or if you are buying a new house or commercial building, are you sure that the roof which looks OK actually is OK?

When you take a look around the exterior of your house or commercial building, do you know how to spot structural problems within your roof?

Most people only realize there is a roofing problem when water starts dripping on their heads while they’re inside.

With this in mind, there are numerous reasons why you should proactively seek a professional roof inspection before this happens to you.

Resisting the Urge to Make Your Own Repairs

When you inspect your own roof, you might find a shingle here or there that is pulling away from the roof, or perhaps you notice a few missing shingles. You may be tempted to fix these minor problems yourself, without calling any professionals for help.

There is a major problem with choosing this do-it-yourself route. Of course, there is the problem that you could make the repairs incorrectly, but that is not the issue we are referring to. These minor instances of disrepair could be indicators of major underlying forms of damage that you are unable to detect.

The loose shingle you find may be the tip of the iceberg in regards to a major structural flaw within your roof. Missing shingles could be allowing water to seep into your roofing system, causing substantial damage to several areas. By making a few superficial repairs, you could unknowingly be hiding a more significant problem that will rear its ugly head later.

Reducing the Need for Future Repairs

Getting a professional roof inspection is an excellent way to reduce the risk that you will find yourself in need of a costly roof repair or replacement later. As mentioned, experienced roofing professionals are able to detect when minor problems are covering larger issues.

Professionals are also capable of identifying minor flaws within your roof that could eventually lead to major disrepair, and can stop damage in its tracks before it is able to spread and cause a monumental headache.

Treating Your Roof as a Long-Term Investment

A quality roofing system is a significant investment that you make for your home or business. It provides returns for you by keeping you and your family safe and protected from the elements. You increase your long-term returns by maintaining your roof and supporting its performance for many years.

The best way to do this is through regular inspections and maintenance. Allstate recommends that your roof be inspected at least twice a year.

A good strategy would be to have the roof inspected before the summer and before the winter to ensure that you are not left uncomfortable during the warmest and coolest months.

Taking small steps throughout the year to protect and maintain your roof can have a major impact on the amount of returns you see from this important investment.