When Fashion Met Function at 7 Miller Lane

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Rooftops with terrace-style, walkable decks are an architectural innovation and treasure for those who inhabit homes and properties with them. Yet, they also pose tremendous challenges since it is the roof that must withstand weather, wind, and incorporate less esthetically appealing elements such as drainage and traditional chimneys. So, the property at 7 Miller Lane in Metairie, LA posed a long list of challenges.

The design team at Juneau Odenwald, Inc specializes in such challenges and have a reputation for skillful problem solving in all areas of roofing. Our team took on the long list of issues facing the designers of this beautiful property, and helped to develop an esthetically appealing, long-lasting and incredibly effective set of solutions!

The end result? A home with those coveted, walkable decks high up on the rooftop, yet with several unique materials and systems, design elements, and more.

Residential Style with Durable Commercial Strength 

With a fantastic location right along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, the property has truly stunning views that were the emphasis of new construction on this contemporary home. Rooftop decks were chosen as an ideal way to frame those views and optimize outdoor living space on the smaller plot, but each design element came with a fair share of challenges.

Roofing could not be made of standard residential materials. It required the durability of commercial grade residential materials because:

  • of the desire for walkable decks
  • the stress of high winds coming off the lake almost year-round
  • the demand for reliable drainage due to the region’s periodic and heavy rains
  • the property features large and numerous skylights.

Flat roofing alone can be a challenge because it is rarely aesthetically appealing, albeit remarkably durable. So, this beautiful modern home was fitted with a flat, TPO roof (Thermoplastic polyolefin) that is a membrane-style installation capable of reflecting sun (helping control cooling costs) while also offering a visually appealing finish. A long life expectancy and remarkable flexibility in installation made it a perfect fit for the project.

A commercial grade system is part of the installation of a TPO roof, but there was also the need for 100% reliable and yet low-key drainage. The design team opted for tapered insulation that covertly does a remarkable job of draining and insulating “dead-level” roof decks. With high thermal performance it helps with energy costs while also ensuring that the flat roof (and its outdoor living spaces) remain free of accumulated water.

However, not all solutions could be met with stock systems or materials.

Custom Elements to Create a Stunning Home 

The remarkable design of the property included the terrace-style decks that frame the uppermost floor of the home. Gazing down from above, it is easy to see the challenges.

There are utility areas holding compressors and generator units, small green spaces, and a massive wooden terrace. The need for adequate drainage was essential, but there are also the skylights and other rooftop elements with which to be concerned.

The terrace posed what was one of the biggest challenges, as it is the location of a large chimney required for the fireplace in the floor below.

So, our team created a custom chimney that passes through the deck and is designed to meet the demands of the high winds as well as the many esthetic concerns. The same level of attention to detail was given to less obvious elements as well.

Custom flashing around the skylights and lots of customized sheet metal work went into the creation of this architectural marvel!

Unique Solutions for Challenging Issues 

If you require a unique solution to a challenging residential roofing issue, you can see that The JOI Roofing team is willing and able to offer a gorgeous solution to even the biggest tasks.

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