Understanding the Benefits and Advantages of Roof Coatings

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When it comes to cooling your Louisiana home, chances are good you first think of your HVAC system. That’s natural. It’s what most of us rely on to ensure that high daytime temperatures don’t translate to uncomfortable, even dangerous heat levels within our homes. However, what if there was another way to reduce heat, while simultaneously reducing your demand from the power grid?

There is. Roof coatings allow Louisiana homes and businesses to help improve temperature control, cut down on your energy costs, and even improve the lifespan of your roof.

So, what exactly are roof coatings, and what benefits can they deliver?

What Are Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings come in a number of different types, but perhaps the most effective is an application of liquid roof coating material. It is applied similarly to how paint is applied, and it can be applied to flat, low-slope, and even steeply sloped roofs. Once it cures, this coating is waterproof, but more importantly, it reflects sunlight and heat back into the environment.

Reflection vs. Absorption

It is important to understand the difference between sunlight reflection with roof coatings and sunlight absorption with traditional roofing materials.

Traditional roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, and even sheet metal, offer protection from the elements, but they absorb solar radiation (light). This allows your home or business’ roof to absorb and trap heat. That heat then transfers into the attic or crawlspace under the roof, and then into the rooms below, warming the structure and causing your HVAC system to kick on in order to bring the temperature back down where you want it.

With a cool roof coating, that situation is mitigated. Rather than absorbing the light and heat from the sun, cool roof coatings reflect most of it back into the atmosphere. This keeps the roof itself cooler, which means less thermal transference to the attic or crawlspace. That means less heat transferred into the rest of the structure, and less need for the air conditioner to run.

From this, we can see a couple of the benefits and advantages of roof coatings – improved temperature control and reduced energy consumption. However, they do not stop there!

Longer Lasting Roofs

Your business or home’s roof is one of the most crucial structural components. It is responsible for protecting the interior from sunlight, rain, wind and debris. It also helps keep cooled air inside where it matters. However, your roof is exposed to a lot of wear and tear over time. Much of that wear stems not from exposure to the harsh elements, but to heat.

Heat makes roofing materials expand and contract. That leads to structural weakening over time. Combine that with high humidity levels like those we experience in Louisiana, and you have a perfect recipe for premature roof failure. Cool roof coatings can help ensure that your roof lasts longer by reducing the amount of heat it is exposed to, daily.

Saving Money

Cool roof coatings reduce the need to run your air conditioner, which reduces your demand on the power grid. That’s good news for the environment, as it reduces energy generation-related pollution or, the urban heat island effect. However, it’s also good news for your bank account.

The less power you use, the less your monthly electric bill will be. In addition, reduced use of your air conditioner means less wear and tear on it, leading to less need for maintenance and an extended lifespan.

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