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Typically, it is the roof that is the most visually striking element on a home or office. Out of all the available roofing materials, tile is often selected because it offers a high level of curb appeal. Tile roofing is available in a variety of solutions including those fabricated out of clay and concrete.
Tile roofing is manufactured in a variety of styles to suit nearly any type of architectural style in the New Orleans area. They can enhance the beauty of any home, whether it is New England Colonial, authentic Spanish, contemporary or historic. Roofing tiles have been used as a key component for protecting homes and buildings for centuries. They are still considered to be the ideal energy-efficient choice when installing a new roof.

The concrete tiles manufactured today use innovative technology. They are created with reflective surfaces as a way to increase the comfort level of the interior of the structure, while lowering energy costs. In the Louisiana area, the installation of concrete tiles makes for a sustainable, durable roof that will significantly outlast the structure it protects.

The Basics of Concrete Tile

Currently, the use of concrete tile is focused mainly along the Southern states, including Louisiana. It continues to be the dominant leader in the tile roofing market. This is due to its extremely low lifecycle cost when compared against other available roofing products.

Generally, reputable New Orleans roofers, like Juneau Odenwald Roofing, install concrete roof tiles of three different profiles that include the barrel tile with a high profile S shape. In addition, there is a medium height tile that is manufactured with the shape of a double S. Finally, there are flat tiles that are designed to mimic other natural materials including slate and wood shakes. Generally, the roof tiles are crafted to be interlocking which provides a weather-tight solution that is ideally suited for the Louisiana heavy rains.

The Manufacturing Process

Concrete tile roofing is always readily available, and competitively priced. The manufacturing process begins with a mixture of water, synthetic pigment, cement and sand. Generally, this concrete mixture is forced fed through a tile extruder using high pressure to produce a variety of tile profiles. Every option can have either a textured or smooth surface with matching edges.

It is the synthetic pigment that is added during the mixing process that produces the color of the tile. This ensures that the coloring is mixed thoroughly throughout the entire tile. Due to the warm climate of Louisiana, a colored top layer of concrete is bonded to the surface of an uncolored tile base.

Beauty and Durability

Concrete roof tiles carry a Class “A” fire rating (by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL)). This noncombustible material has the highest fire resistance rating given by UL. In addition, due to its design, a concrete tile roofing system provides the circulation of air under every tile. This reduces the amount of heat transfer into the attic in the event of a fire.

The concrete tiles are designed in aesthetically pleasing designs. They have numerous styles, profiles, colors and finishes that often mimic the appearance of old-style roofing materials. Reputable New Orleans roofing companies have seen an increase in the popularity of flat tiles that are ideally suited to New Orleans stone and brick homes and commercial properties.

Proper installation of concrete tile roofing is imperative, especially in the New Orleans area due to high humidity. The installation process must ensure that there is proper drainage to minimize the buildup of mildew or mold.

When making a comparison to other available roofing materials, concrete roof tiles have a higher upfront cost during installation. However, due to their extreme durability and long lifecycle they are virtually permanent roofs, and can last 5 to 10 decades or longer.