Sheet Metal Fabrication for Custom Orders

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Sheet metal is a very popular material used in the construction of a wide range of different applications. The thin flat sheets are typically aluminum, brass, tin, nickel, or steel, but copper is starting to become one of the most sought after options available thanks to the quality, durability, and aesthetics it can offer. The process of creating high quality sheet metal is long and difficult, and it takes professional fabricators with years of experience to do the job right.

As technology has grown over the past few decades, so has the ability to produce this quality sheet metal. Today’s fabricators can create different shapes, looks, and styles for nearly any purpose, and they can do it far faster than they could have in the past. The tools for cutting, slitting, perforating, seaming, and shaping are all better quality which leads to better final products across many different industries and fields. Residential and commercial buildings in need of sheet metal items for their roofs, gutters, and more are benefiting from these advances.

Many sheet metal fabricators today are capable of creating custom and unique orders for clients, and this is making it far easier for customers to get exactly what they need the first time.


custom sheet metal order

custom sheet metal order

Why Custom Fabricators?

Working with custom fabricators is always the best choice for customers who want to have sheet metal that actually fits properly the first time out. Instead of trying to make something fit, as can often happen with ductwork and even chimney caps, having specialists who are able to provide products that meet your exacting needs is always a huge benefit in terms of time, money, and aesthetics.

No matter what type of sheet metal product you might need, you can certainly find fabricators to do the job for you. However, it is important that you choose the best, or else you may not be happy with the results.

Work With the Best Quality Fabricators

For 18 years, Juneau Odenwald has been providing sheet metal fabrication in the New Orleans, LA area. Creating unique and custom sheet metal orders for the specific needs of customers in New Orleans and the Baton Rouge areas has been part and parcel of the business since 1996.

Since many roofing jobs require having sheet metal that’s custom to the specific job, having a fabrication shop that’s able to meet those needs quickly, efficiently, and with quality is vital.

Those customers in need of roofing help will often require sheet metal fabrication for some aspect of their roof. It could be anything from gutters to dryer vents. JOI can deliver, since their fabricators are in house, making it easier to meet deadlines by providing a very fast turnaround.

As mentioned, one of the types of metals getting quite a bit of attention when it comes to sheet metal is copper. It is in use for chimney caps, canopies, gliding, awnings, and more. JOI saw that the demand for copper sheet metal fabrication was rising, so they created Crescent City Copper to help meet that demand. The company is capable of creating high quality copper products for many different needs.

JOI has been in this field for a long time, and they have the expertise, the tools, and the skills needed to help with all of your roofing needs, as well as your sheet metal fabrication needs no matter how large or small they might be. Talk to our professionals today about setting up a meeting and getting more information on what they can do for you.