Roofing Repair in New Orleans – The Need for Emergency Help

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New Orleans is a great place to call home. The Big Easy offers a laidback way of life, tons of things to see and do, and there’s just no beating the people that live here. However, living here does have its downsides. One of those is the potential for serious damage to your home’s roof from storms and storm-related incidents. It’s vital that you have access to 24/7 emergency help to mitigate these disasters. What should you know?

Storm Damage

One unavoidable consequence of New Orleans’ environment is the potential for serious storms that can come up in a hurry. While many might immediately equate that with hurricane damage, severe thunderstorms are also an immense threat (and occur much more frequently). Serious storms bring with them heavy rains, high winds and the potential for damage through a number of threats, including toppling trees onto your roof, blowing shingles off and more. When storm damage occurs, it’s essential that you have someone available immediately – JOI Roofing  offers 24/7 help for New Orleans homes and businesses in these instances.

Roof Water Leaks

Water leaks take time to develop, but they seem to occur instantly – you’re in the dark until water starts leaking down your walls or dripping from the ceiling. Water leaks are very serious threats to your home and your family. Not only can they damage the roof and the roof’s substructure, but they can lead to mold, mildew and serious structural damage. There’s no time to waste when you spot a leak or even suspect one. Contact JOI Roofing any time of the day or night for expert help with leaks and repairs.

What You Need To Know

JOI Roofing understands that emergencies happen. When you’re in need of immediate, expert help, you need somewhere to turn. That’s why we offer our 24/7 emergency hotline. Whether your home’s roof has been damaged by a storm-blown tree, you’ve found a water leak or you have another type of problem, you can call (504) 222-2294 around the clock. We’re here to help. Our emergency hotline is staffed by professionals at all times, and they’re ready and waiting for your call. Once you call, our experts will determine how we can best serve your needs and help will be dispatched to your home or business.

Emergencies require immediate help – contact us at any time.