Repairing Blown off Shingles throughout New Orleans

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Your New Orleans home’s roof is one of the most important structural elements. It’s responsible for keeping you dry, protected from the sun, wind and rain, for helping to retain warmth and cool during the winter and summer, and more. Because it’s exposed to the elements on a constant basis, your roof can be damaged in a number of ways.

One of the most insidious of these is blown off shingles. You might not think that a handful of missing shingles can really amount to much damage, but that’s the wrong assumption. A roofing inspection might be in order if you suspect you have a problem, because blown off shingle can cause serious damage to your New Orleans home or business.

How Damage Occurs

In a perfect world, your shingles would stay in place for their full lifespan and provide protection throughout that time. What actually happens is something different. Louisiana (and especially southern Louisiana) is known for strong storms – they’re certainly more common during the summer months, but they can crop up at any point during the year. Those storms come with high, damaging winds, heavy rain and hail.

Wind is the main culprit here – it can easily get under a shingle and blow it off your home. In some instances, it can blow many shingles off, immediately compromising the safety of your home’s roof. Even just a single missing shingle can be a problem, though. Without shingles to protect it, water can easily begin to penetrate the decking of your roof. From that point, it can cause many different problems.

Rainwater can leak down through the roof of your home, penetrating the attic and then the ceilings in your living areas. That can cause water damage to sheetrock and discoloration, but it can also set up the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. If left unchecked, it can rot out your roof, forcing you to replace the entire thing. It’s a far better decision to repair your roof now.

Replace Blown Off Shingles

While a single blown off shingle might not seem like a huge deal, it can be a sign of deeper problems. It’s important that blown off shingles are replaced immediately. What’s more, an inspection should be conducted of the entire roofing system to ensure that there is no deeper damage and that rainwater did not penetrate through the roof into the substructure or the rest of the home.

Going it alone can be tempting here, but it’s important that you work with a professional to ensure that your home’s roof is protected and that the shingles are replaced correctly.

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