Re-roofing a New Orleans high school while school is in session

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There never seems to be a “good time” for anything these days.  When’s a good time to take a few weeks off for vacation, or to have a medical procedure done?

How about re-roofing your high school? When would be a good time to do that?

Summer? Maybe.

But something is always happening around campus no matter what time of year. Especially when you have residents living on campus year round.

Oh and the building is 50+ years old…

Re-Roofing Historical Buildings without Disruption

Inner city campuses are forever being modified, expanded and renovated due to limited space.

The roof of the Brother’s Residence was in particularly bad shape. It had a dilapidated patio on top that the Brothers could barely use in addition to the usual leaky roof and poor energy efficiency that comes with commercial roofs in need of replacement.

We removed the old roof, repaired the decking and installed a modified bitumen flat roof (BUR) which will give the Brothers another 20 years of enjoying their rooftop.

The best part? They never knew what was happening.

We lifted the ACs to keep them connected and running throughout the entire process, and took extra care to keep our footprint as minimal as possible so as not to disrupt regular campus activities.

If you’re ready to re-roof your New Orleans area high school without disrupting all of your on-campus activities, please call us today!