Quick Guide to Commercial Low Slope Roofing Options

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Is it time to put a new low slope roof on your commercial property? If so, it can be difficult know which type to go with.

The experienced roofers from Juneau Odenwald Roofing are here to help you find the right material.

commercial roof with optional roof attachments

In this guide, you’ll learn what your options are and the pros and cons of each type, to help you decide which is going to be the best for your specific building.


Thermo-Plastic Olephine, otherwise known as TPO, is a single-ply low slope roofing system.

This choice has several benefits including leak prevention and energy efficiency; on the other hand, it is less flexible than some of the other options.

The leak prevention is due to the wide widths available which reduce the amount of seams required. Furthermore, the seams that are present are heat welded which securely binds one piece of roofing to another. This is, of course, assuming it is installed properly.

The energy efficiency comes from TPO being a reflective material reducing the amount of heat that can penetrate the roof. According to the US Department of Energy’s standards, TPO far exceeds the Energy star requirements for roofing.

The only possible negative point to this roofing method is that because there are no plasticizers, it isn’t super flexible like some of the other building materials. The top of your building should be able to flex somewhat with the different weather conditions so that it doesn’t simply snap off with a strong wind.


PVC, or poly vinyl chloride is a type of plastic roof. The roofers will create a flexible surface by mixing the PVC and roofing material together before installation.

In the past, it was true that this method didn’t get the best results. However, over the past several years, this construction material has become more advanced making it a reliable option.

One downside is that the material isn’t as stable as it should be. Over several years, it is more susceptible to break down, making a re-roof required earlier than it would with other choices.

Modified Bitumen

If you are worried about the sturdiness of your roof and you want to install something that is going to last for many years to come, you are most likely going to benefit from the modified membrane forms of construction.

These roofing systems are built using polymer modifiers added directly into asphalt materials.

Not only is the result stronger, it is also flexible so that it can last without a lot of upkeep.

Modified roofing systems come in a wide range of customizable options. Our experts from Juneau Odenwald Roofing will guide you through the process of deciding which kind is going to work the best for your building type.

Built Up Roof

Built up roofs are usually used for their cost effectiveness as they are one of the cheapest roofing methods. They start with the application of asphalt and continue by layering more asphalt and fiberglass felt.

Quality roofers are going to recommend that you get four layers of the roofing material applied to get the best results. However, three layers could be acceptable in certain situations.

The problem with this choice is that it does not create a very sturdy surface, and chances are high that it is going to start failing sooner than one of the other methods.

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