Is Metal Roofing Efficient?

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Paying high energy costs can quickly deplete your bank account, and if you’re like most homeowners, you‘re always looking for what can be done to lower those recurring bills. Well, one solution can be found by looking up.

Not at the sky, at the roof!

residential metal roof under the stars

You may have heard rumors about metal roofing being more efficient than asphalt shingles or tile, but is it really? Learn how energy efficiency is measured and how metal roofs stack up.

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How is Energy Efficiency Determined?

When determining if a roof is energy efficient, the following two factors are measured.

SRI (Solar Reflective Index)

Solar Reflective Index or SRI is the ability a material has to reflect the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths from the sun.

The higher the SRI, the more heat is reflected which reduces the transfer of heat to a building. Usually, lighter colored objects have a higher SRI and special colored roofing has been made to produce this higher reflection ability.

Thermal Emittance

Thermal emittance determines the amount of heat that is absorbed. A higher thermal emittance rating means that the roofing material radiates the absorbed heat, so that the building isn’t as affected.

Cool Roofs

If a roof delivers a higher level of solar reflectance and thermal emittance than standard roofing products, it is considered a “cool roof”.

Cool roofs offer many advantages to homeowners and the community at large. If you are living in the home, you can expect lower energy bills, an overall higher comfort level, and a lower roof temperature which can increase the life of your roof.

Environmental benefits include a lower urban heat island effect, lower demand for electricity, and fewer power plant emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury, and sulfur dioxide.

So can metal roofs be cool roofs?

Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been reported to save homeowners up to 50% on their energy spending and can reduce heat on the surface by 100 degrees compared to asphalt!

It works as a giant reflector, so that the energy and heat is reflected back up into the air.

The Florida Solar Energy Center reported that surfaces which are white or light-colored reflect best, at about 67%, while other newly developed cool colors are also effective. With these paints, metal roofs are certainly cool roofs.

You may be thinking, I want the energy efficiency but not the big metal roof. Nowadays, you can get metal in many types of coatings/colors/styles with variations sure to suit anyone’s tastes.

But isn’t it expensive?

Homes that perform this upgrade have reported to earn back the cost in savings on energy bills over the life of the roof.

Starting to sound like a good idea? There are a few other benefits metal cool roofs have to offer.

Other Benefits of Metal Cool Roofs

Other benefits to take into consideration when debating a new metal cool roof include:

  • A longer warranty time frame because of the extended longevity of the materials.
  • Tax credits are often given for these new installations
  • Your insurance company probably offers some sort of discount.
  • The materials are fireproof, making for a safer structure.
  • There is also little to no maintenance that has to be done.
  • You can find the materials in various colors, textures, and profiles for both steep-slope and low-slope applications.

But what about your old roof?

Don’t worry about your asphalt shingles piling up at a landfill. Your metal roof can be put right over top, making it more eco-friendly.

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