How to Get Ready for Hurricane Season 2015

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Hurricane season is a part of life for most Louisiana residents. High winds, frequent weather updates and a lot of “wait and see” mark this time of year. Once you’ve experienced a handful of seasons as a homeowner, you may be ready to let your guard down.

roofing work

Think again.

Unless you want a damaged, leaky roof, tackle the issue head on and begin your preparation as soon as possible. Here you’ll find predictions about the season and suggested steps to keep your home safe during this tumultuous time of year.

About the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Each hurricane season is different and this one was predicted to be an early starter. According to the Weather Channel, this year’s season officially arrived in early May with the first named storm Ana. The coastal Carolinas are already feeling the brunt of it.

Despite the early start, there are a below average predicted number of named storms.

Thinking about slacking on your hurricane prep already?

Not so fast.

The number of named storms has nothing to do with their potential to make landfall and wreak havoc. By the same token, particularly heavy thunderstorms can also cause damage to your home during this time of year.

Looks like it’s time to step up your game plan and get to work.

Small Actionable Steps You Can Take Today

Preparing for hurricane season can seem like a daunting task. To avoid getting overwhelmed and procrastinating, take small steps frequently.

Here are some things you can get started on today to protect your house for the future:

  • Use shutters with product approvals
  • Trim branches and remove any limbs from your yard
  • Nail down loose roof shingles
  • Pick up and store lawn furniture before predicted heavy rainfall
  • Caulk and fill in any holes in your home’s exterior
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Only hire licensed contractors to work on your home
  • Protect windows with hurricane resistant coverings
  • Hire a professional to make an official inspection

It’s key to start this process as soon as possible. Doing so ensures that you’ll have enough time to make any necessary repairs and resolve any problems that may arise before the rain begins to fall.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

You’ve put a lot of effort into making your house look just how you like it. Likewise, you’ve invested plenty of money in construction, repairs and maintenance. Despite the time and money spent, many people still fail to plan ahead.

There are some definite risks for not preparing your home for the hurricane season or inadequately planning. Many of the most alarming risks are centered around poor roof preparation. As you might have imagined, the roof is essential to the structure and stability of your home.

What happens if you fail to prepare your roof?

You could be looking at:

  • Leaking and flooding into your home
  • Subsequent serious and even irreparable water damage
  • Roof collapse
  • Fallen dirt and debris into your home
  • Damage to attic, insulation and internal structure of your home

Yikes. That doesn’t sound like a situation any homeowner would want to be in. However, how does one get started with a task as serious as roof preparation? You may need some guidance along the way.

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