Repairing Hail Damaged Roofs throughout New Orleans

Juneau Odenwald Roofing

New Orleans is a beautiful place to call home. But thanks to the warm, humid subtropical climate and our position on the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is regularly subjected to severe storms and disasters like hurricanes and can often result in hail damage to New Orleans homes and businesses.

How Hail Affects Your Roof

Hail can damage your roof in a number of ways – while it would seem logical for it to just bounce off, the damage done can be serious. Even if hailstones don’t cause serious damage to your roofing substructure and decking, it can damage shingles or wood shakes, as well as damage to the siding of your home.

Hailstones fall with amazing force, and can damage roof vents, flue vents, gutters and downspouts. For instance, with standard asphalt shingles, hail can cause severe granular loss. That damage can be even worse if your home has older shingles, as they are less resilient (more brittle). Once a home’s shingles have sustained sufficient damage, water can leak underneath and begin penetrating the decking below.

Hail can also cause very real issues with your gutters. As hailstones strike your roof, they will roll down into the gutter. Over the course of the storm’s duration (which might be just a few minutes), the number of hailstones can be staggering – that means lots of added weight to your gutter system. It can even be enough to make your gutters begin pulling away from the home, or can cause dams that allow rainwater and melt water from hailstones to begin penetrating your home’s roof system.

Immediate Inspection

If your home has been subjected to a hailstorm, it’s important to have a full inspection conducted. In most instances, damage will be cosmetic and limited. However, in the case of severe damage, the health and stability of your roof could be in jeopardy. You certainly can’t afford to take chances with the safety of your home – even a minor roof leak can turn into big trouble in a very short time, particularly in the hot, humid environment of Louisiana.

If your New Orleans home or business roof has been damaged by hail, contact us immediately for a free estimate.