Finding a New Orleans Roofer After a Storm

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Unfortunately for those of us who live in metro New Orleans, dealing with storms and hurricanes are simply part of life. If your roof has been damaged by a severe storm, you are understandably eager to have repairs completed in order to protect your home. However, before you call the first person you see working on a neighbor’s house or business, it is important to remain patient and carefully consider your options.

It may be tempting to quickly choose a contractor, or choose a contractor with the lowest price, but you need to find a quality roofer who is going to deliver reliable services that will last for a long time. After all, nothing is worse than paying for services that you have to replace a short time later due to poor workmanship or materials.

You must also bear in mind that “storm chasers” are everywhere, and many flock to cities like New Orleans after any major storm or disaster.

In order to find the best roofer after a storm, there are a few tips you can keep in mind.

Contact Your Insurance Company First

If your damage is severe enough to warrant filing a claim with your insurance, contact your insurance company before hiring a roofer. The insurance company may have very specific procedures that you need to follow in order to file a claim. These requirements may narrow down your options for roofers as well.

Compare Estimates

Professional roofing companies generally will offer free no obligation estimates and put them in writing. Even if time is an issue, this large commitment is worth getting your estimate in writing and taking the time to carefully review the terms, and of course any fine print. This will give you a strong understanding as to what prices the companies are charging for the same work, using the same materials.

Avoid High Pressure Sales Situations

Especially if a large storm blows through metro New Orleans, you may experience door-to-door roofers, or other high-pressure salesmen. Do not allow these individuals to pressure you into committing to anything. Take your time to research the person or company you hire.

For your protection, you should hire roofers such as Juneau Odenwald that are fully licensed and insured. If someone approaches your home offering an unbelievable deal, they likely do not have either qualification.

Receive an Estimate and Contract in Writing

Before any work has begun, an agreement should be made in writing first. This agreement should detail all of the requirements of the job, as well as the materials to be used. If any removal, venting, or flashing work is to be completed, it should be listed on the agreement.

The estimate should also include the price for the job, as well as an expected completion date, and the length of the warranty provided for the work. These estimates protect both the roofer as well as the customer and create a much more trustworthy and professional business relationship.

Image Credit: National Geographic