Condo Conversion Roofing New Orleans

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Dealing with historic buildings in New Orleans takes a lot of local expertise in addition to roofing experience.

Over the years, we’ve been proud to complete a number of historic roof renovations in metro New Orleans including quite a few apartment/condo conversion projects.

This particular project though was the first time we’ve helped convert a former school building into multi-family housing.

Like many projects in central New Orleans, site access was a problem. The building is located directly next to a church as has limited parking space available for equipment. In fact, parking is at such a premium the developer utilized part of the building itself to create covered parking!

Conversion Roof Renovation

The school had been closed for years. And given that the original roof was designed for a school, it had to be completely redone for it’s next phase as a multi-unit building.

Our roofing process included:

  • Complete removal of the existing roof and sub structure which was badly damaged and leaking
  • Consulting on the design of the new roof to include multiple AC units and even a pool
  • Addition of asphalt shingles as well as a modified bitumen flat roof
  • Designing & building new gutters and downspouts to match the roof & building style
  • Building a custom, standing seam roof above the pool cabana

The new roof is Energy Star rated and should give the building owners & tenants 20+ years of energy efficient protection.

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