Repairing or Replace Apartment Complex Roofing

Juneau Odenwald Roofing in New Orleans, LA

Roof replacement for a New Orleans apartment complex needs to be done correctly, in accordance with local parish and Louisiana building codes. Juneau Odenwald Roofing is here to help. We can provide you with the expert, experience replacement service you need, no matter how large or small your complex might be.

Roofing replacement is no small thing – the roof is one of the most important elements of your entire structure, and is responsible for protecting the interior of your apartments from rain, sun, wind and more. Juneau Odenwald Roofing has the experience needed to ensure that your roof replacement is done correctly the first time, and that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Recognizing Roof Damage Over Time

All roofs degrade over time; it’s just the natural order of things. However, roofs in New Orleans are subjected to harsh conditions because of the subtropical environment. Severe heat, heavy rain, strong winds all add up to real damage that can put your apartments in jeopardy.

Juneau Odenwald Roofing can provide you with any repair or replacement services required for your apartment complex roof.

We’re proud to offer our clients the widest range of services, including:

  • A free inspection, evaluation and estimate of your needs
  • Using only the highest quality materials
  • Installation performed by licensed, certified, trained professionals
  • Full roof replacement for your New Orleans apartment complex, including:
    • Old roof removal
    • Full inspection of decking
    • Replacement of failed components
    • Full sealing
    • Installation of new roof (both shingle and tile)
  • Emergency Service is Available
  • Serving all of metro New Orleans & southeastern Louisiana

Get Peace of Mind

New Orleans apartment complex roof replacement should only be undertaken by professional service providers capable of providing you with peace of mind concerning the quality of the replacement. Juneau Odenwald Roofing stands behind all services provided, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that if you’re not happy with the replacement, we’ll correct it to your satisfaction before we collect any payment.

We’re fully licensed and bonded, and you’ll find that all of our roofing professionals have the education and training required to do the job. New Orleans apartment complex roofs are regularly subjected to heavy strain and harsh elements, and Juneau Odenwald Roofing understands the importance of quality. We’re proud of our reputation and we know you’ll find our services top-notch.

Don’t Hesitate

Roofing problems can lead to serious headaches for you and your tenants. Don’t let them go unchecked. Contact Juneau Odenwald Roofing today and schedule a free inspection and evaluation. Don’t wait for leaks to become larger and don’t put off your necessary roof replacement. We’re here to help.