A Look at Infrared Roof Scans

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A leaking roof is a serious threat to any home or business. However, finding the cause of roof leaks can be time consuming and frustrating. In some cases, it can be impossible to pinpoint the exact spot where the leak is occurring, which means the only way to stop it is a partial or full reroofing job, which can be immensely expensive. However, there is help for home and business owners. Infrared roof scans can provide vital insight into roof leaks and help you save money.

How Do They Work?

How does an infrared roof scan work? It’s actually very simple, though many people will find that it operates on different principles than what they assume. As one might surmise, infrared scans track temperature differences across a roof system. These differences show up as different colors on thermal images, helping to determine what areas of a roof are warmer or cooler than the rest.

However, what is important in these scans is the temperature difference between areas where moisture content is higher and those where the roof is in normal condition. This allows the technician to track the leak back to its source through temperature variances.

When a Scan Should Be Completed

When should infrared roof scans be completed? Because of the need for optimal conditions, infrared scanning of the roof should occur in the late evening or nighttime hours after the heat of the day has largely dissipated from the roofing material. This ensures better imaging and helps to reduce errors due to high heat absorption.

Each area where a leak is suspected must be marked by the technician during the scanning process for further investigation during daylight hours. Usually, the technician will return the day after the scan to investigate each area marked. Depending on the roof system in question, this investigation can include drilling core samples and moisture content analysis. However, in some instances, it can be as simple as pulling back shingles to expose the evidence beneath them.

Hire a Specialist

Infrared roof scanning is still a relatively new technology, and is not offered by all roofing companies. It’s vital that you choose a company with considerable experience providing this service to clients, in order to avoid potential false readings and incorrect repairs. With a specialist on your side, you can track, locate and repair roof leaks before they become costly headaches.