3 Reasons All Metal Roofs Are Not Created Equal

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A metal roof is a metal roof, right?

Not a chance.

To the untrained eye, metal roofs might all look alike. But when you learn a bit more about how they’re made and installed, you’ll start to understand why one type of metal roof might cost double or even triple than a different type.

That’s because, unlike the declarations in our constitution which apply to citizens rights, all metal roofs are NOT created equal!

Standing Seam – Metal Roofing Done Right!

The home features a standing seam roof with pre-finished Kynar covering on painted galvanized steel that we designed and installed on a new construction home in River Ridge (just outside New Orleans).

The finish on the roof gives it 20 year protection against paint fading, ensuring your roof maintains it’s color.

Color protection is reason #1 that all metal roofs are not created equal!

Most of the time when you see a metal roof you’ll notice the color faded, or the metal in various stages of rust. This won’t happen with a Kynar covered galvanized steel roof.

Look Mom…No More Screws!

At first glance, this roof has so much visual “pop” that you may not notice what’s NOT there.

Look closer. What’s missing? Screws, and lots of them.

Your less expensive, r-panel (corrugated metal) roofs are screwed together with lots and lots of screws.

You’ll notice there are no screws visible on this roof project…that’s because there are none (at least none visible to the naked eye).

Visual appeal is reason #2 not all metal roofs are created equal!

Standing seam metal roofs are installed by laying the edges of the panels over each other and binding them together with a clip. And while screws are required to secure the clips to the roof decking, a standing seam roof is missing the thousands of screws and washers poking through the material itself.

Visually, it’s a night and day difference.

Another benefit of not having thousands of holes in your roof through is that water can’t make it’s way down to the decking..

Moisture protection is reason #3 not all metal roofs are created equal!

Remember, roofs expand and contract with heat and cold.  So no matter how well a corrugated roof is installed, the weather will force the screw holes to get larger and smaller over the years.

When it comes to a standing seam roof, no screw holes means no way for water to penetrate the roof!

Adding Custom Touches – Ridge Caps & Gutters

This particular home had a few finishing touches which included custom fabricated ridge caps and gutters to match the look and feel of the new roof. Both were custom made by our craftsmen in our facility here in New Orleans.

Lagniappe Reason All Metal Roofs Are Not Created Equal – Cost

We’re New Orleanians and we believe in a little lagniappe! So while we promised you 3 reasons metal roofs are different, here’s a 4th…and it’s a big one…COST!

Everybody wants a metal roof – until they find out the price.

As a rule of thumb, a corrugated metal roof will cost you 3-5 times what a shingle roof would cost.

The reason? Materials and labor.

Not everyone can install a standing seam metal roof, or custom fabricate the high quality materials needed to create a roof like the one you see in this gallery.

If you’re ready to invest in the materials and craftsmanship necessary to make your home stand out from the crowd, please contact us today for a free estimate on having a standing seam metal roof installed on your home or business!